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Metalfab is a diverse company with capabilities in engineering and manufacturing both Materials Handling and Storage Components/Systems, as well as furnishing Components, Parts and Systems to the Power and Process Industries.    Although Materials Handling is Metalfab's core business, their expertise and experience in this core product line has rapidly advanced them as a major Power and Process Equipment Supplier.  Metalfab found that many facets of engineering and manufacturing Material Handling equipment could be applied to Power/Process Plant equipment.  They both require significant skill in quality steel forming and welding, but it was also determined that  Power Generation Equipment often requires the incorporation of mechanical, electrical or controls engineering  along with the capability to shop assemble and wire components in to functional systems.  This skill is common place with Materials Handling components and systems.  This combined ability truly sets Metalfab apart from most Power Generation Equipment Suppliers.

Metalfab has recently supplied Materials Handling Systems for Power Plant application.  Specifically for handling Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) for part of a Mercury Capture System.  This application is described in detail below.  A separate section addressing the Power Generation components and parts offered is also described in detail below.

Storage and Handling Systems

Powdered Activated Carbon
Mercury Capture - Continuing Emphasis for U.S.Coal-Fired Power PlantsPowdered Activated Carbon (PAC) Storage and Handling Systems

Stringent government mercury (Hg) emission regulations at the national and state levels require large mercury emission reductions at the nation's 1,100 plus coal-fired plants, which emit approximately 48 tons of mercury per year. Among the few proven mercury emission control technologies that exist, the predominant process is Activated Carbon Injection (ACI). Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) injection is the only control technology proven to reduce mercury emissions in excess of 90%.

PAC Storage and Handling Systems

The cornerstone of Metalfab's PAC Storage and Handling System is the integration of the company's proven bin activators, activated PosibinsTM and "Better-Weigh®" gravimetric feeders. These critical system components are integrated with process controls, instrumentation, knife gate valves, and interconnecting piping, all pre-installed within the skirt area beneath a fully engineered storage silo. This integrated system provides precise PAC metering to the final downstream injection system feeding the flue gas ductwork. Metalfab successfully combines testing, equipment design, and system integration capabilities to offer fully integrated PAC handling systems directly to large environmental/ boiler OEMs who supply complete ACI systems to power plants.

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Custom Fabrication Capabilities for the Power Generation Industry

A Wide and Diverse Range of Products Available.

Metalfab's long and knowledgeable experience in fabrication of products for the Power and Process Industries has resulted in a long list of components, assemblies, parts, and systems for many applications.

This Extensive List Includes:

Boiler Fuel Firing and Emissions Systems Equipment and Parts

  • Windbox Assemblies.
  • Overfire Air Registers.
  • Round Wall Burners.
  • Ductwork
  • Fabricated Oil, Gas, Air, and Coal Tips (in various stainless, high alloy, or wear resistant materials) with optional weld overlay protection.
  • Damper Assemblies including linkages, tilt arms, bushings, and bearings.
  • Coal Pipe
  • Fabricated Coal Nozzles.
  • Fabricated Elbows
  • Coal Distributors
  • Slide Gates and Coal Valves

Boiler Lime Systems

  • Hoppers
  • Distributors
  • Feeders
  • Conveyors
  • Fabricated Pipe
  • Integrated Systems

Pulverizer Components and Parts

  • Classifier Assemblies
  • Vane Wheels
  • Air Deflectors and Shrouds
  • Inner Cones
  • Feed Pipes
  • Whizzer Wheels
  • Fabricated Elbows
  • Exhauster Components and Parts
  • Mill Outlet Valves
  • Tramp Iron Chutes

Integrated Engineered Components

Pipe Skids Incorporating:

  • Fabricated Piping
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Actuators
  • Instruments
  • Operating Controls/Instrumentation/PLC's
  • Nema Cabinets
  • Shop Wiring through Shop Simulation/Checkout.

Fan Skids Inclusive of:

  • Fabricated Piping/Ducting
  • Fabricated Diverter Dampers
  • Fan/Motor Sizing
  • Motors
  • Operating Controls/Instrumentation/PLC's.
  • Nema Cabinets
  • Shop Wiring through Shop Simulation/Checkout.

Other Plant Equipment and Parts:

  • Custom Hanger Supports
  • Round and Rectangular Ductwork
  • Mounting Boxes, Access Doors, Scallop Bars
  • Platforms, Grating, & Ladders

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