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RM Dynex Fabric Expansion Joints
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Designer, Engineer, and Manufacturer of Fabric Expansion Joints with over 30 years experience in both the domestic and international markets with applications including:
Expansion Joints For:

Expansion joints

  • Virtually any Boiler Application air inlet to stack
  • Cold Air Systems
  • Flue Gas Systems
  • SCR's
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generation Systems
  • Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Systems
  • Pulp and Paper Process Systems
  • Waste to Energy Process Systems
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Process Systems
  • Marine Systems

expansion jointThe range of products is second to none. Offering high flexibility and chemical resistance products with applications capable of withstanding up to 2200 degrees F temperatures. Available in all sizes and shapes including rectangular, round, belted, or odd shaped. Full shop assembly or individual components available. Expansion joints are custom designed and warranted to your specifications and applications. Barge shipment is available for customers desiring large assembled Expansion Joints to be provided.

Full in-house manufacture of raw materials (cloths, elastomers, and steel work). In-house laboratory testing and analysis (finite element analysis of designs). High quality production facilities. Financial security for warranties (division of Parker Hannifin). Field installation, consulting, and splicing services. Comprehensive Systems Maintenance Programs.

With the addition of RM DYNEX®  products, Parker's EPS Division is positioned to provide engineering and fabrication expertise for all applications of fabric expansion joints for fossil-fuel fired power generation, gas turbines and various industrial facilities with critical duct sealing requirements.  RM DYNEX has an installed base of over 75,000 systems in service worldwide - providing time-tested, predictable, environmentally sound products for the most severe applications.

RM DYNEX Product Offering
RM DYNEX fabric expansion joints are offered in a broad range of configurations and multi-layer construction types. Their engineered design and construction mean performance for managing thermal expansion, noise reduction, vibration, wind & seismic loads, movement absorption and system stress relief.

Complete Advanced Materials & Testing Capabilities
Parker is dedicated and focused on innovative development of new RM DYNEX products and services to meet the growing needs of its customers. RM DYNEX manufacturing capabilities include non-metallic expansion joints from EPDM, FKM, CR, Silicone, PTFE products and high temperature fabric materials that serve to insulate the primary and secondary sealing materials. In addition, we manufacture complementary sealing devices such as tadpole gaskets from high temperature fabrics and metals for high corrosive environments. Metal frames, baffles and backup bars are constructed of carbon steel and the higher nickel steels available for today's demanding environments.


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