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Services Offered:
  • Code Shop Fabrication, "R", "S", and "U" Stamp Certified.
  • On-Site Boiler Inspections and capability to reproduce OEM existing Components.Navajo SOFA Panel
  • Capable of all sizes and weights, from large Utility Boilers to smaller sized Package Boiler Components.
  • Engineered Components for Major Boiler Overhauls, including Re-tubing, Coils, Formed Panels, Waterwalls, Headers, Heat  Exchangers, Condensers,  Economizers, Steam or High Pressure Pipe and Vessels.
  • Servicing Power, Industrial ,Utility, Process, Water Tube, and Marine Boilers.
  • Complete Condenser, Heat Exchanger, and Feed Water Heater Rebuilds including Shells,Tubing, Tube Sheets, Baffles, Nipples, and Mounting Flanges as needed.  These units can be removed/replaced and transported for full turn-key services.
  • On-site Heat Treating, NDE Testing.
  • Full Shop Quality Program, Certified Weld Inspectors, and Independent Insurance Inspector on-site at all times.
  • Tube Forming, Bending, Rolling, Swaging, Finning, Prepping, Seal Welding, Dissimilar Metal Welds.
  • Shop Manufactured Tube Panel Wall Boxes with Optional Studding, and Shop Installed Refractory.
  • Pipe Bending and Fabrication.
  • Shop Hydrostatic Testing Services with Authorized Inspection Certification.
  • Engineering Services with  AutoCad Modeling and Electronic Drawing Transmittals.
  • Tube Cleaning, Prepping, Shot Blasting, and Painting  all performed on-site.
  • Machine Shop on premises.
  • Vessel Opening Flange Refacing Tool Rentals Available.
  • Large Tube and Machined Parts Inventories.
Products Available:
Pressure Parts
  • Loose Tubing (Large Inventory of various Carbon, Stainless, and Alloy Materials)
  • Hot and Cold Bends
  • Waterwall Panels
  • Inconel and Stainless Weld Overlay Panels, Coils, and Tubes
  • Formed Panels (for Burners, SOFAs, Doors, Manways, etc.)
  • Coils, Superheaters/Reheaters
  • Finned Economizers
  • Headers (Carbon, Stainless and T91)
  • New Generating Bank Tubes
  • Re-Ended Generating Bank Tubes (only drum ends are replaced for cost savings)
  • Downcomers, Steam Piping, Pressure Piping, Desuperheaters
  • Hand Hole PlatesTubing
  • Tube Shields, Weld Overlay
  • Tube Attachment Castings
  • Soot Blower Bearings
  • Bifurcates, Dutchmen
  • Dissimilar Metal Welds
  • Spray Nozzles
  • Blind Tube Nipples
  • Weld Overlay
  • Tube Plugs
  • Orifice Plates Mounts and Adapters

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